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Embracing Diversity, Creating Independence

Welcome to ACTIVATE OT

We help struggling families with our 3-step program, Explore, Action, Life Change!

Explore the underlying strengths and challenges.

Take Action to develop skills, understand yourself, develop self-compassion, validate and HAVE FUN!

Life change to conquer those mountains and level up!

Our vision is to nurture the children, young adults and adults who we come into contact with. We are passionate about helping people to reach their potential.

At Activate OT we provide evidence-based face-to-face occupational interventions to those in the central Scotland area and further afield using telehealth.

Our approaches are individually designed and guided by research for lasting results.


Initial discovery calls are offered via video link, we will discuss the challenges you are facing and come up with a plan of action. (Initial calls are typically 45-60 minute consultation and FREE)


“Kirsteen was brilliant at working with our daughter and communicating with us. She made each session fun, engaging and enjoyable, and delivered a detailed and comprehensive report full of insightful analysis and action-oriented recommendations. We highly recommend her services.” Sophie

“Thank you for your report…this seems very comprehensive and clear even to a layman like myself.” Ark Housing Association.

Feedback from an Evening presentation

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for this evening.  That was the best and most informative evening on neurodiversity I ever been to. Mind blown!”

“ The ADHD night last night was brilliant. Thanks to all of you for giving up your evening.”

“👏👏👏👏 Well done & thank you, we didn’t know there were so many others at (School) with ADHD”

“Thought all speakers were amazing ” 

“Thank you to all the organisers and speakers – it was a great evening! Feeling informed 👍🏽”

“ Thank you so much! A really fantastic, informative and inclusive evening – really well organised.”

It was so lovely to hear from a Health Care Professional who has such a lot of personal experience of the matter, and I love those main points about showing your child unconditional love, practicing self-care, and exercising our own self-regulation.