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Activate OT Kirsteen Chassels joined Karen Campbel of Small business Saturday to tell them how we are supporting out community of amazing families. Watch the 10 minute interview on


Join Heidi Mavir, Founder of EOTAS Matters and special guest, Kirsteen Chassels, for a LIVE Webinar for exhausted parents.

Kirsteen Chassels is a Neurodivergent Parent Professional who has worked as an Occupational Therpaist for almost 20 years, and has a specialism in Sensory Integration Therapy. Kirsteen works with children, teens and adults to reduce the struggle and exhaustion with everyday activities and pursuits.

Her passion is supporting and working with Neurodivergent people, which she does from her private practice in Scotland, working UK-wide virtually.

Whilst working in the NHS Kirsteen was involved in running one of the first Long Covid teams in the UK. She created ways of understanding exhaustion and how to manage this. There were so many people who were struggling to cope and through working with them Kirsteen created my own version of the battery energy theory. This helped her to personalise treatment for each person but particularly for those who are neurodivergent. Kirsteen has years of training in understanding how to unpick sensory differences and has incorporated this knowledge into bespoke plans for her clients.

In this Webinar, Kirsteen will share with you her Battery Energy model of fatigue management, talking you through the different types of fatigue and helping you to beging to understand just why you might be so flipping exhausted! The session includes lifetime access to a FREE replay and a DIY Resource to use after the session.

Tickets are £20 plus Eventbrite fees and the session will be hosted on Zoom. A link will be sent to all ticket holders before the Webinar on 28 November.