Kirsteen, BSc OT, PGCert SI.

Kirsteen qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2004 with a First Class honours degree. Since then, she has continued to develop her clinical skills to guide and support clients facing challenges, to flourish in their world. She had her first 2 children while qualifying and soon discovered their development was neuro-diverse. She then developed a passion in combining Occupational Therapy and Ayres Sensory Integration® Therapy with those who have sensory integration and motor challenges. She work full time in a bespoke independent therapy practice.

She is an Ayres Sensory Integration® Certified therapist.

She was a therapist collecting normative data for the new Evaluation of Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI).

She has 18 years+ working as a Therapist in NHS, local authority and Private Practice.

She is a member of several specialist groups with the Royal College of Occupational Therapy, children and young people, learning disabilities and Independent practice.

What We Do

Functional Occupational Therapy Assessments

Ayres Sensory Integration® Therapy Assessments

1:1 therapy person centred sessions

Support when communicating with school, college, university or in the work place.

Provide webinars

Provide short educational talks for groups.

Past Experiences

Specialist Occupational Therapist and Ayres Sensory Integration® Practitioner NHS

Occupational Therapist in Local Authority and Case manager